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Verso Skincare Daily Glow 30ml

Verso Skincare Daily Glow 30ml

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Description du produit

The Verso Skincare Daily Glow, an all-in-one restorative vitamin-boosting cream, improves skin health and immediately enhances topical dullness.

Verso Daily Glow works to enhance skin texture, elasticity, and plumpness, restoring a youthful bounce and dewiness while imparting a soft, shimmery finish for even glowing skin.

How it works:
The formula contains antioxidants to help maintain a healthy skin. The use of this unique formula will result in an overall younger-looking complexion. Verso Daily Glow delivers radiant, smooth skin with an overall fuller appearance. It provides a reflective, glossy sheen thanks to Fluorphlogopite. This glistening faux mica mimics the natural mineral, replicating its effect and appearance while alleviating any toxicity found in some naturally occurring minerals. The decision to not include natural mica was based on the violation of human rights conditions associated with mineral mining.

Key ingredients:
Verso Daily Glow contains a powerful blend of ingredients. The stabilized Vitamin A derivative, Retinol 8, encourages revitalized skin, while Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) promotes the natural protection of the skin and restores the appearance of youthful firmness. Vitamin C reduces transepidermal water loss, allowing the skin to retain moisture, providing a fresh and revitalized appearance. Hydrophilic Hyaluronic Acid improves elasticity, increasing plumpness and firmness of the skin.

Conseils d'utilisation

Apply onto a cleansed face and neck in the morning. Can be used alone or together with other skincare products. Suits all skin types and tones.

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