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Tweezerman Rose Gold Petite Tweeze Set

Tweezerman Rose Gold Petite Tweeze Set

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Description du produit

Same great quality as the Full Size Tweezers but petite in size in a fabulous Rose Gold hue. Petite Slant and Point Tweezers feature professional quality, perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips. Perfect for brows and precise ingrown hair removal. Includes a case to house and protect Tweezers.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Use the Slant Tweezer to eliminate unwanted brow hair under and above your desired eyebrow shape, and the Point Tweezer for removing fine or ingrown hairs.
- Start by opening pores using a warm washcloth (not too hot or it can cause redness!) This will help get your hair ready for removal, and it will also reduce pain.
- Hold the Tweezers using your thumb and index fingers near the middle of the Tweezer body for maximum control.
- After locating the unwanted hair, grab the Tweezer tips slanted at a 25° angle and squeeze down on the body of the Tweezer, pulling in the direction of hair growth. This will remove the hair from the root.
- Continue until you have removed all unwanted hair. Avoid over tweezing by pairing with a Tweezerman Mirror and using good lighting.

Clean Tweezer tips after each use with an alcohol wipe. Tweezer can be sanitised in an autoclave or barbicide. Eligible for Tweezerman Free Sharpening Service. Pouch: Spot clean only. Do not machine wash.

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