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The Flat Lay Co. Makeup Box Bag and Tray in White Croc
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Description du produit

The Flat Lay Co. Makeup Box Bag opens out into a tray in seconds, meaning you can see all your makeup at once with no more rummaging!

When closed it is a tidy little structured bag which looks great on your makeup table and can also be stacked with other box bags for the ultimate makeup storage solution.

As with the original drawstring makeup bag, it’s the perfect tool for topping up your makeup on the go and protecting your cosmetics from grubby surfaces (or from being tipped out onto your carpet every day!).

One / each, no makeup included.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Unzip the bag and pull the velcro at the sides apart.
- Throw your makeup into the tray, placing any brushes in the handy elastic brush holders, and - putting any small items like jewellery in the interior zipper pocket.
- Then just zip the bag back up to close, adjusting the velcro sides if you need to.
- And that's it - from a easy to access tray to a structured little bag in seconds!

Remove makeup stains with a little washing-up liquid on a damp cloth.

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