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Skin Inc Bright Eyes LED Massager

Skin Inc Bright Eyes LED Massager

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Description du produit

Give your fatigued eyes some much-needed therapeutic relief with the innovative Skin Inc Bright Eyes LED Massager.

Combining 3-in-1 synergistic benefits of Warm, Red Light Photon Therapy and Sonic Vibration, to help brighten, improve appearance of fine lines and reduce fatigue around the sensitive under-eye area. With an easy-to-use ergonomic design, this device uses adjustable warming compression technology (37-45?) to instantly relax facial muscles to dissolve tension and provide an energizing, uplifting effect in the comfort of your own home.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Gently tap eye cream or serum onto skin using your ring finger.
- Turn on the device by long-pressing the power button, and short-press to switch between the various modes. Press the + / - button to adjust the temperature, as needed. Allow for a full 60 secs for the device to heat up.
-Choose your mode and holding the upper part of the device body, use the massager in an inwards to outwards motion, starting near your nose and moving towards your temple. For best results, move the device very slowly, spending 1-2 mins on each eye.
- For Modes 1 & 2 (with LED): Keep your eyes closed throughout the treatment and use device 1.5cm away from your eye, and on temporal areas where you have fine lines and wrinkles
- For Mode 3 (without LED): Can be used on the eyelids, close to your eyelash line. Clean the device before moving to the other eye, and after each use with an alcohol spray or a damp wipe.
- To turn off the device, long press the on/off button.

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