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Saalt Cup Duo Pack Small and Regular

Saalt Cup Duo Pack Small and Regular

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Description du produit

The Saalt Cup Duo Pack Small and Regular gives you the best of both worlds, the regular cup for your heavier days and the small cup for those light days. The Saalt Cup has been designed to be a premium cup with multiple seal points to prevent leaks, and a soft flex stem for ultra comfort. It's reliable, reusable, comfortable and safe.

The Saalt Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours. That's all day (or night)! Made in the USA from 100% medical-grade silicone, this chemical and toxin free Saalt Cup can last up to 10 years, diverting waste from landfills and saving you money! Each Duo Pack comes with a user guide, a regular and small cup, and two cute carry pouches. Plus your purchase helps provide period care to women and girls in need. Thank you for (period) caring!

Female - Founded, Sustainable, Clean, Made in the USA, Vegan, B Corp, Plastic Free, Charity Driven.

Conseils d'utilisation

The Saalt Cup folds before you insert it into your vagina. Here are two of the most common ways to fold your cup. Both are easy. Pick the one that works for you.

C-Fold: Fold the cup into a C-shape by flattening the cup and bending it in the middle to bring the two ends together.

Punch-Down: Use your index finger to press down on the rim to collapse the cup. Pinch to hold in place.

7-Fold: Fold the cup so the rim makes a 7-shape by flattening the cup and then folding the top right corner of the rim across to the opposite side of the body of the cup.


100% medical grade silicone.

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