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PAUL & JOE Setting Powder Refill 9g

PAUL & JOE Setting Powder Refill 9g

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Description du produit

PAUL & JOE Setting Powder pairs seamlessly with P&J’s popular primers.
By layering this powder over your favorite P&J primer, you can achieve a refined and sophisticated complexion. Setting Powder that creates flawless yet natural-looking skin for a smooth and lustrous translucent finish.

Layer the “top coat” setting powder over primer to achieve the coveted ideal of natural-looking flawless skin.
Having earned an established reputation for its primers, PAUL & JOE is now offering another unique item, a top coat powder specifically intended for use with P&J primers. Setting Powder, when applied to skin that has been primed with a P&J primer, enhances the sheen and translucency of the primer, which enhances the skin texture, and creates refined, flawless skin. It prevents makeup from coming off and allows the seamless finish to last for hours.

Instant coverage of imperfections for clarity, smoothness and sheen.
In place of the regular powder used for coverage, this item uses a “complex lighting powder1” developed exclusively for P&J Setting Powder to diffuse light as it hits the skin and cover irregularities in skin texture and tone. The complex lighting powder enhances the effects of P&J's primers, creating even greater clarity and sheen; thus making the skin look as smooth as it feels.
Complex lighting powder and SECRET D’OR2 deliver a polished, sheen look.

Long lasting “dullness-free” finish.
The perfect complement to P&J primers, this Setting Powder is formulated with plate-shaped powders such as pearlescent ingredients, which are combined in generous amounts in all three types of P&J's primers. Since the plate-shaped powders firmly adhere to each other, the primer and Setting Powder mold together to become one and create a beautiful coating on your skin.
Powder is specially processed to resist sebum and perspiration. Sebum-absorbing powder prevents makeup from becoming dull and coming off and helps the beautiful finish last for hours.

Fits the PAUL & JOE Setting Powder Case.

Conseils d'utilisation

Apply over skin that has been prepped with PAUL & JOE foundation primer. Take the desired amount onto the puff and apply evenly across the face.

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