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Miller Harris Tabac Scented Candle 220g

Miller Harris Tabac Scented Candle 220g

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Description du produit

Rich woods, tobacco leaves and spices take you on a wonderfully intoxicating journey in Tabac by Miller Harris.

Cuban cascarilla oil and pimento berries contrast with a cooling heart of pine needles and velvet sage. Creamy tonka bean and Malay patchouli complete this evocative fragrance. Warm, comforting, nostalgic and perfectly different.

Of note: tobacco leaf – patchouli - cascarilla oil.

Miller Harris Candles:
Every part of this candle is sourced and produced responsibly, as part of Miller Harris' commitment to improve their impact on our natural world. Hand-poured in the UK using the finest fragrances and set in a natural wax of soy and rapeseed, developed to carry the scent perfectly with a well-balanced aroma that creates a luxury experience that will infuse interiors for up to 50 hours.

All of their candles are phthalate-free, with no artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes. They are also vegan, set in natural wax and packaged in an FSC box, without cellophane.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Burn your candle for at least two hours, so that the top layer of wax can fully melt from edge to edge.
- Trim the wick regularly, so as to ensure optimal burn.
- Make sure you burn your candle away from any draft or heat source or within reach of children.

Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or intense light. We encourage you to re-use the vessel once used for storage.


1-(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydro-2,3,8,8-Tetramethyl-2-Naphthalenyl Ethanone, Linalyl Acetate, D Limonene (R)-P-Mentha-1,8-Diene), 3 and 4-(4-Hydroxy-4-Methylpentyl)-3-Cyclohexene-1-Carboxaldehyde, Eugenol, 2-Hexyl-(E)- Cinnamaldehyde, Omega-Pentadecalactone, Linalool, Cedryl Acetate, Acetyl Cedrene, Beta-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene.

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