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Glow Hub sun silk face cream SPF30 50ml

Glow Hub sun silk face cream SPF30 50ml

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Description du produit

Meet your new BFF, defend yourself Glow Hub sun silk face cream SPF30! Broad spectrum protection to keep skin safe from sun, UVA (the rays that age you) + UVB (the ones that do the burning).

A daily skin_care essential to shield skin from harmful rays, SPF protects skin from burning, helps prevent pigmentation & keeps your moisture barrier strong + skin healthy, meaning future signs of ageing = prevented.

Lightweight & silky, this serum like SPF gives skin a visible glow, sinking in fast without clogging pores or leaving a chalky finish on the skin.

Vitamin e, antioxidant_rich marigold + green tea give an extra layer of protection against environmental damage (think pollution, free radicals. Get ultimate protection from the sun, & be good to glow whatever the weather...

Cruelty Free. Vegan. Reef Safe. Fragrance Free.

Know you need sun protection but wanna know a *little* more about how it all works? Here’s the glow_down…

Sun Protection Factor (yep, SPF) is a measure of how much UV radiation is required to burn skin that has sunscreen on it compared directly to the amount of UV radiation needed to burn unprotected skin.

Lab tests are carried out on an untanned patch of skin + sunscreen is applied at 2mg/cm2. Skin is then exposed to simulated sunlight via UV lamps. Its then measured how long it takes the skin to get a minimal burn when covered with sunscreen vs. how long it takes to get the same redness without it. Say it took 300 seconds for skin to burn with sunscreen, and 10 seconds to burn without it. 300 ÷ 10= 30. So, the SPF is 30, like Defend Yourself!

Sunscreens work by either reflecting, scattering, or absorbing both UVA & UVB rays to provide protection that can help prevent premature ageing + damage that may lead to skin cancer.

- UVB: (think burning) can lead sunburn and skin cancer but is mostly blocked out by regular window glass. It’s also the type of UV light that’s involved in the production of vitamin D in the skin. UVB is strongest in summer & in the middle of the day.
- UVA: (think ageing) they penetrate clouds + even glass… It damages the skin by forming reactive free radicals, which react with whatever is around including your DNA/proteins, which can lead to signs of ageing. Less likely to vary, you need to stay protected all. day. long. (even when it’s cloudy.)
- BROAD SPECTRUM: with UV radiation being made up of both UVA & UVB rays, if a sunscreen only protects against UVB & offers no protection against UVA, the highest protection that can be achieved is only SPF 11… ? Broad spectrum means a sunscreen protects against effects of UVA (ageing) + UVB (burning).

What’s the difference?
- CHEMICAL: There are over 30 ‘chemical’ (sometimes known as organic) sunscreen ingredients, all which absorb into the top layers of the skin, scattering + deflecting the sun’s harmful rays into heat and ‘deactivating’ them. (Don’t worry though, the amount of heat is tiny!)
- PHYSICAL: There are only two main ‘physical’ (in-organic) sunscreen ingredients: titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. They work in skin's uppermost layers to mainly absorb but also deflect + scatter UV rays
- CHOOSING: when creating (or choosing!) a sunscreen there’s a lot to consider. Each chemical & physical protection has a unique texture, aesthetic, ease of uuse, longevity, potential SPF… (to name just a few!) glow hub chose a chemical filter to give them*every_thing* they needed to perfect Defend Yourself.

- Bigger = better? There’s actually very little difference between how much UVB different SPF levels filter. Who knew, right?! SPF 50+ filters 98 per cent of UVB, compared with 96.7 per cent filtered by SPF 30. It’s all about how often you need to re-apply instead.
- Plus+ an SPF 30 sunscreen applied properly will give better protection than an SPF 50+ sunscreen applied too thinly or not frequently enough. Which is something that happens *a lot* when people think SPF50 has given them all the protection they’ll ever need.
- The key takeaway? Whichever you choose, try to re-apply generously every two hours, as it can come off through sweating or by being rubbed off by clothing.

There SO are many other ways to avoid UVA/UVB exposure so also think about…
1. Wearing protective clothing like hats & sunglasses.
2. Seeking shade + avoiding sun exposure at peak times.
3. Adding UVA tints to windows that you go near frequently such as your home or car.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Apply generously (4-6 pumps_ to face, neck + ears as the last step in your skin_care routine after moisturiser).
- Use daily rain or shine.
- Reapply throughout the day as needed.

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