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Gatineau Radiance & Hydration Discovery Kit

Gatineau Radiance & Hydration Discovery Kit

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Description du produit

This trio of radiance boosting favourites includes:
- Radiance Enhancing Gommage 15ml
- Hydra Aura Water Cream 15ml
- Foaming Cleanser 50ml

GATINEAU Radiance Enhancing Gommage - key ingredients:
- Apple Extract AHA – exfoliates the skin and stimulates collagen and is best for signs of ageing.
- Einkorn Wheat Extract – Rich in peptides, vitamins A and B and minerals. It energises the skin and supports cell turnover.
- Glycolic Acid – the smallest molecule in AHAs, derived from sugarcane, it penetrates deeply to aid collagen production. It exfoliates the skin, evens skin tone and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
- Malic Acid – derived from grapes and cherries, a very gentle AHA with antioxidant benefits to aid skin respiration.
- Lactic Acid – works to dissolve the ‘glue’ in between cells on the surface and helps keeps skin soft.
- Corallina Extract – a red algae which exfoliates the skin, increases cell turnover, and helps regulate sebum production.
- Prebiotics – a mild enzymatic exfoliant derived through the fermentation of bacillus subtilis. It helps remove dead skin cells and reveals younger-looking skin.
- Vitamin C – brightens the skin and provides powerful antioxidants
- Pure Hyaluronic Acid – to keep skin hydrated, soft and glowing

GATINEAU Hydra Aura Water Cream - key ingredients:
- Barbary Fig Extract – a rich source of antioxidants, betalains and polyphenols, to visibly reduce advanced signs of ageing. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids deliver replenishing and plumping benefits to smooth lines and increase firmness. It helps neutralize the damaging effects of airborne pollutants.
- Green Seaweed Extract (Codium Tomentosum) - from the archipelagos of Brehat in Northern Brittany - rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, lipids, vitamin A, and minerals. It balances skin's moisture content, rapidly hydrates, revitalises, protects and leaves the skin radiant looking.
- Red Seaweed Extract (Carrageenan) – with exceptional water-binding abilities to hold water onto the skin and increase hydration levels while you sleep.
- Dead Sea Salt - helps to strengthen skin tissue, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and balance the skin's natural pH levels. It helps to restore depleted minerals.
- Alpine Skullcap (a flowering plant from mint family) – full of potent antioxidants to reduce the effects of free radical damage from pollution along with calming anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds to help keep skin looking healthy and glowing.
- AHAs from Citric Acid - smooths skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving a brighter looking complexion.
- Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from external pollutants and free radical damage.
- Coconut Oil - hydrates, smooths and helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier.
- Shea Butter - nourishes and conditions.

GATINEAU Foaming Cleanser - key ingredients:
- Vitamin E – Antioxidant.
- Citric Acid – derived from citrus fruits, it helps repair the skin’s barrier, improves skin firmness as well as having an exfoliating effect.
- Coco-glucoside - derived from coconut oil or fruit sugars.
- Cocamidopropyl Betaine – surfactant, with a foaming effect, from coconut oil which moisturises whilst dissolving dirt
- Seawater

Conseils d'utilisation

GATINEAU Radiance Enhancing Gommage
Apply generously to dry skin over the face and neck. Massage in circular motions until the texture liquefies. Leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

GATINEAU Hydra Aura Water Cream
- As a moisturiser - Apply as your daily moisturiser
- As a booster - face - Layer over your serum and/or under your moisturiser
- As a booster - neck and décolleté – Layer over your DefiLift Firming Neck and Decollete Gel

GATINEAU Foaming Cleanser
Use morning and evening.
Step 1 - Lather in your hands and apply to a damp face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
Step 2 - Use light circular motions to gently massage over the skin.
Step 3 - Rinse using cool water in the morning and warm water in the evening.

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