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COLLISTAR Anticellulite Draining Gel-Mud 400ml

Collistar Anticellulite Draining Gel-Mud 400ml

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Description du produit

Cosmetic research has never achieved anything like this before: combining the benefits of an anticellulite mud with the extraordinary eficacy of Slim-Drone®, a futuristic active ingredient that, just like a drone, heads straight for its target, striking at the heart of adipose cells. All conveyed in a unique no-rinse gel-mud texture that is instantly absorbed.

Anticellulite slimming action Thanks to futuristic Cosmetic Drone Technology™, Slim-Drone® encapsulates and releases a powerful lipolytic active ingredient - Coccoloba Uvifera extract - straight inside the adipose cells. Draining and detox action The white mud traps and removes excess fluids and toxins. Escin stimulates the microcirculation, thereby helping drain interstitial liquids.

COSMETIC DRONE TECHNOLOGY™ - A futuristic kind of technology that encapsulates the active ingredient in a vector which, just like a drone, identifies its target and, when it reaches it, releases the active ingredient inside, allowing it to get to work as effectively as possible precisely where it is needed.

Soft and creamy, the product is extremely easy to apply and massage. It is absorbed in a few seconds, it doesn't leave white streaks, and it allows you to get dressed straightaway. After the first few applications, the skin will already appear smoother and more toned. Then, as the treatment progresses, localised adipose deposits and orange-peel skin become less evident, and day by day the treated areas appear reshaped. When used all year round it is the ideal daily treatment to combat unsightly cellulite and to keep your figure in check.

Conseils d'utilisation

Gently massage the gel-mud on the skin in an upwards motion. For safe, long-lasting results, we recommend using it as follows:
Attack strategy - apply twice a day for 15/20 days;
Prevention and upkeep - once a day.

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