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COLLISTAR Anti-Age Talasso Scrub Regenerating Exfoliating Salts 700g

COLLISTAR Anti-Age Talasso Scrub Regenerating Exfoliating Salts 700g

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Description du produit

A genuine regenerating treatment that helps to combat skin ageing and leaves your skin radiant, elasticated and ultra-smooth right away.
The new COLLISTAR Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub with essential oils, orange blossoms and Sicilian citrus fruits combines the benefits of thalassotherapy with those of citrus fruit therapy, carrying out 4 different actions:

- Exfoliating and Repairing: the marine salts accelerate skin cell turnover.
- Anti-free radical and Brightening: rich in alpha hydroxy acids, flavonoids and vitamin C, the Sicilian citrus fruits combat skin ageing and prevent the formation of blemishes.
- Regenerating and Anti-Age: the precious L22®Complex helps restore the hydrolipidic balance typical of young skin.
the citrus fruit and Sicilian orange blossom essential oils energise the skin and facilitate the delivery of the active ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types. For those that want to exfoliate and combat skin ageing at the same time.

Conseils d'utilisation

Mix COLLISTAR Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub with the dedicated spatula, massage into the body and rinse off under the shower or in the bath.
Can be used on damp skin for a gentle scrub or on dry skin for a greater exfoliating effect.
Use once or multiple times a week.

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