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Description du produit

Experience the ultimate aromatherapy journey at home with the Atomiser Connect diffuser and a collection of pure essential oil blends, scientifically proven to reset mind and body.

Featuring innovative dual diffusion pods, the Atomiser Connect allows you to effortlessly switch between different blends, ensuring that any room is infused with calming, soothing, and uplifting scents from morning to night. The signature collection of 100% pure essential oil blends have been specifically crafted to stimulate your senses and enhance your mood.

Utilising advanced nebulising technology, the Atomiser Connect disperses the pure essential oil directly from the bottle into a micro-fine mist, resulting in a longer-lasting scent and a truly pure aromatherapy experience. This ensures that the therapeutic properties of the essential oils are preserved, delivering maximum benefits to your wellbeing.

To customise your aromatherapy experience further, the Atomiser Connect app allows you to create personalised diffusion schedules and adjust the intensity of the mist according to your routine, mood, and the size of your space. With just a few taps on your phone, you can tailor the diffusion settings to perfectly suit your needs.

In addition to the new advanced features, the integrated app guides you through various breathing exercises, helping you practice mindfulness and find moments of calm in your daily life.

Conseils d'utilisation


The Atomiser Connect from Aromatherapy Associates, the next generation of essential oil diffusion.

Transform your surroundings & instantly fill your home with 100% natural aromas. Seamlessly switch between blends and effortlessly control the diffusion schedule and intensity using your smartphone or operate manually using the buttons on the diffuser.

Powerful air compression disperses a micro-fine mist direct from the bottles of our 100% natural, pure essential oil blends. With no water tank or heat, the integrity of their pure oils is preserved, meaning les`s is needed for real aromatherapy benefits.

Their exquisite ceramic Atomiser Connect was designed with dual diffusion pods to allow for effortless transition between blends, suiting whatever wellbeing moment you are seeking from morning through to night.

Inspired by their spa treatment techniques, harness the power of breath using their guided breathing feature and enjoy a moment of reset at home.



Use the essential oil opener to safely remove the dropper from the blend bottle of your choice. Simply attach the diffusion head & insert into one of two pods in The Atomiser Connect.

Select STANDARD MODE to instantly fill your entre space from 30 minutes to 3 hours at a time.

Select BOOST MODE when time is tight, just once a day. Inhale as the aromas transform your home.

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