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S'inspirant de l'elixir de jeunesse utilisé par la reine Isabelle de Hongrie, l'Elixir de beauté de Caudalie assouplit la peau, resserre les pores et donne un teint plus lumineux. Constituant une excellente base pour le maquillage, cette eau réveille la peau le matin et l'illumine jusqu'au soir.

L'Elixir de beauté de Caudalie est un favori de Victoria Beckam - elle l'utilise par dessus son maquillage pour avoir un teint lumineux !

Solution pour la peau : Illumine tous les types de peau. Caudalie Beauty Elixir est un soin exceptionnel pour un teint plus lumineux ainsi qu'un excellent produit après-rasage pour homme.

Ingrédients principaux : Raisin, fleur d'oranger, rose, baume bio à la menthe et au romarin

Mode d'emploi :
Agiter avant l'emploi. Éviter le contact avec les yeux. Brumiser sur le visage avant d'appliquer votre crème hydratante à toute heure de la journée.

Appliquer entre votre fond de teint et la poudre pour une tenue parfaite du maquillage.

Ingrédients :
Aqua (eau), Alcool*, Eau florale* d'orange amère (citrus aurantium amara), Parfum*, Huile de feuille de romarin (rosmarinus officinalis)*, Alun de potassium, glycérine*, Huile essentielle de menthe poivrée (mentha piperita)*, Extrait de myrrhe (Commiphora Myrrha)*, Extrait de résine de styrax benzoin*, Huile essentielle de feuille de mélisse officinale (melissa officinalis)*, Huile essentielle de fleur de rose de Damas, Extrait de raisin (vitis vinifera)*, tocophérol*, Citral*, Citronellol*, Farnésol*, Géraniol*, Limonène*, Linalool*. (010/018) *Origine Végétale - Origine végétale
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It`s like a miracle on a bottle. My skin have never feel so good. I love the spa smell of it. And my skin feel fresh and hydrate.

Alina, Russie

absolutely LOVE this! my skin has never looked so good since i started using it! the scent is very strong but in a good refreshing way. i have a 30ml for my handbag and a 100ml on my dressing table! i use this every morning after cleansing and before applying my moisturiser and throughout the day.

Grace, United Kingdom

It gives glow to my dry face especially when it's summer. I love the hydration that it gives to my dull skin.

Aileen Arceo, United Kingdom

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Can't fault this! It's amazing, makes skin feel fresh, gives instant radiance, reduces pore size & over time creates smoother skin. What more could a girl want!

Rebecca, UK

This product is brilliant, really gives a great boost to the skin. It does have a very distinctive herbal smell (almost like teatree oil) but the scent doesn't linger for too long. Will be buying the larger bottle next time.

Ali, United Kingdom

Thought I would give the Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Limited Edition (30ml) a try to take on the plane with me to keep my skin hydrated. I must say I'm loving this product! I spray it a couple of times into my hands and press into skin whilst inhaling the gorgeous oils. It calms my skin and gives it a nice glow. It's a definite new staple to my beauty regime and I will be buying it again

Valeria, Russia

Love it! It's like a espresso in the morning!

Gea, Norway

Love it! Use it as a toner,or over the make up during the day...great for summer and for dry,irritated "winter skin". Will buy it again, this time BIG bottle:)

Kasia, Poland

I use this as a toner, it refreshes my skin after cleansing and ready for my serum and moisturizer.

Abigail, Aberyswyth

Refreshing. Good for morning and summer!

Heidi, Cardiff

Was the first Caudalie product that I tried - and it is so great - makes my face so fresh and minty! I use it 2-3 times a day. Sometimes instead of lotion. Je l'adore !

Ekaterina, Russia, Moscow

I have dry skin which at times flares up and I end up with a red flushed appearance. Many expensive products I have used in the past have left my skin feeling tight and sore but this product is brilliant, fully natural, has not caused any irritation and my skins feels very hydrated. If you suffer with sensitive dry skin, try this range - it's well worth the money.

Cathy, Leeds

This product is a must - it smells wonderful and always delivers, and the smaller size makes it perfect for a weekend away or to put in the handbag. I never have it far from me!

Sarah Gannon, London

This product has helped to transform my skin. I use it twice a day after using the Gentle Cleanser. I have Afro-Caribbean skin and this product has evened out my skin tone and stopped the breakouts I'd get each month. It is very easy to use and fits easily into any skincare routine. The fragrance is fresh and it definitely wakes me up in the morning!

Ndali, London

Love this product. It smells so good and leaves the skin moist, smooth, and tighten the pores as well. It has a water-lotion like feel to it. Leaves the skin very refreshing and preps it for moisturiser or a serum. I love the 1st wrinkle serum. Perfect!

Jon, Paris